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A vision of IDEA as a lighthouse

This is a biggy ... you might want to grab a cup of something because it'll take a while to read. Thank you for taking the time ... :)


Recently, during an unusual week of insomnia, I did a lot of journalling to get the teeming thoughts out of my head. As I scribbled away, this is what came to me :


Imagine for a moment that you're on holiday in, let's say, England. You're visiting a quaint little old village in the heart of the countryside. As you stroll along the pavement, passing a little tea shop, an antiques shop, a bakery, you spy – of all things – a lighthouse, tall and white, nestled between two more shops. How strange! You notice even though it's a sunny spring afternoon, the light from the beacon atop the lighthouse can be seen shining clearly. There seems to be a buzz about the place, as though the whole building were alive. The door is open and people are coming and going. They are relaxed and animated, with a glow about them.


Your curiosity peaks. You feel a magnetic pull towards this incongruous building. Approaching the open door, you're met by a couple coming out, laughing together.


'Excuse me, I'm wondering what this place is. I mean, I see it's a lighthouse, but what's it doing here?'


'Ah, good question!' smiles the women. 'I'd love to show you around and explain everything but we need to be somewhere in a few minutes. Let me introduce you to someone who'll be happy to talk with you. Come on in. I'm Linda, by the way, and this is John.'


John stays outside and you and Linda step into a large white room buzzing with people. To your right is an area that looks like an open-plan library with a colourful rug on the floor and people sitting in deep armchairs reading. Others are busy on laptops. To the left of the entrance is a cafe with more rugs and armchairs as well as attractive tables and chairs. It looks bright and inviting with fresh flowers on the tables, most of which are occupied by men and women chatting over steaming cups of coffee and herbal teas.


Beyond the cafe there's an art gallery. You hear music coming from a shop next to it, stocked with books, prints, posters, cards and postcards, CDs, silk scarves and fairy light lanterns. To the right is a chill-out room, a cinema/video room and what looks like a large dance/music studio with a grand piano in one corner. By the entrance door where you're standing a stone staircase sweeps up to the next floor which houses a theatre. The third floor houses the offices. A woman approaches and after introductions, she takes you round, explaining that this is a place for artists to come and network, exchange ideas, collaborate, be nourished, find fresh ideas to take away with them, and be refreshed themselves.


'People come from all around the world,' she tells you. 'It's a place for rest, reflection and inspiration for our art, our lives and our humanitarian endeavours. All the artists are evolutionaries.'


'What do you mean by 'evolutionaries'?'


'The evolution of consciousness. We may hold different beliefs but we are all, in our own way, expanding our consciousnesss. Another thing we have in common is a goal to help co-create a better world.'

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       click here to continue/...


by Lindsay Treen Hollom - April 2015