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accident changed my life radically. The pain and suffering that ensued opened my heart and brought me to search my inner life for answers, rather than spend my energy in outer activities. This spiritual journey has resulted in music that comes from the depths of my soul and touches others by its sincerity and embracing presence.


What I love about improvising is that I am utterly present for what wants to come next, vulnerable in not knowing how it will sound, yet trusting that Spirit flows through me and that whatever occurs is perfect in its potential imperfection.


I now live just an hour outside Montreal, where nature is teaching and inspiring me to further healing and more wisdom. I am part of the global community that is Evolving Wisdom (Feminine Power Graduate) where I am inspired by many other spiritual seekers to reach for more and more presence and compassion to express in my music and to send harmony out into the world.



I have created 2 CDs so far. “In the Moment,” my first recording, is musical poetry; magical, emotional, and personal.

This collection of solo piano compositions takes the listener on an introspective journey, creating an ambience for

inner peace while nourishing the soul and resting the mind. Each piece is improvised in a free form style, allowing

the music to flow gently with passion. Drawing together the influences of Bach, Debussy, Chopin, Zen, nature,

breath, and Bali, I create a transpersonal blend that nurtures and soothes the soul.


My second CD, “The Kingdom of Enki,” with its very visual music is a journey into an imaginary land. Enki is the

Sumerian god of wisdom. We enter through the gates into a splendid soundscape where we meet many strange

characters and see a variety of landscapes. Instrumental pieces built of short themes compel the listener to follow

along and explore. The music is scary, exciting, fanciful, fun, full of joy...a lot of play with various moods. It is sure to

bring out the listenerʼs childlike enthusiasm and fantasy.





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Anna Brzeski

I compose and improvise contemporary classical music with the intention of sending out vibrations that express my soul and heal the world. I am deeply touched by the suffering I sense around me, coming from so many different sources as we are now all connected closely wherever we are on this earth.


I was trained as a classical pianist (with a Bachelor of Music Education from Université du Québec à Montréal and a Masters in Music Performance from Université de Montréal) and taught and performed for many years until an

Bolton-Est, Quebec, Canada

Composer, improviser, performer (piano, voice)

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You can listen to samples and purchase the CDs at

And you can listen to selections from each CD as well as to new improvidations at